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PUBLISHER: Brown Dog Book
ISBN: 9781839524707
AUTHOR: Sam Barbour
FORMAT: Paperback
TEXT TYPE: Fiction
READING RECOVERY LEVEL(PM/F&P levelling systems):
Dimensions 209x148x10mm

Lovable, cheeky Bud loves eating junk food. Crisps, chocolate, sweets, cakes and doughnuts – he just can’t get enough of those tasty treats. He also has another very bad habit – dropping litter! ‘Don’t drop litter,’ Bud’s parents warn. ‘Stop dropping litter,’ Bud’s teacher Mr Tong nags. ‘Littering is bad,’ Bud’s classmates explain. However, Bud never, ever listens because he’s … a litter bug!

It seems that Bud will never change – until one Saturday afternoon when a visit to a very unusual sweet shop launches him on a strange adventure


  • Environment protection
  • Junk Food
  • Littering
  • Recycling
  • Save the Earth
  • Save the Animals
  • Magic
  • Adventure
  • Time Travel

About the author:

Sam Barbour, an award-winning educator, songwriter & children's author based in Hong Kong. He has taught as a primary school English teacher (NET)

'I believe the book would be perfect for young children and beyond and essential reading for any child who enjoys reading stories about nature, magic and adventure!

My sincere hope is that students of all ages can enjoy and relate to the adventures of Bud the Litter Bug and feel inspired to continue their studies in English and develop a greater love of reading. Furthermore, it is hoped that the book can raise children’s awareness of the critical issues of littering and environmental protection.'

Sam had two interviews on RTHK3 about the book and may have an article published about my teaching of drama & The Litter Bug in the NET Scheme magazine in the autumn.

He is now developing PD workshops for teachers and ways of integrating the book into a school curriculum.

Sam has an educational You Tube Channel for Children: Teacher Ham has now amassed over 2.5 million views / 10,000 subscribers & 250+ videos of original songs, chants & poems created by myself which I update weekly.

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