Flying Start to Literacy


There are 386 books in the program: fascinating topics and ideas to learn about, funny stories to laugh at, exciting adventure stories, reports, interviews, explanations, procedures, plays and shared books.

Each book is one of a connected pair. A narrative book and an informative book present the same key concepts and vocabulary.

An award-winning, comprehensive literacy program

Flying Start to Literacy reflects best practice in literacy instruction and supports the systematic development of reading strategies and skills.

Features of the program:

  • Key vocabulary is introduced systematically
  • A high rate of repetition of high-frequency words and a low ratio of unfamiliar words
  • Text complexity is carefully sequenced to build reading strategies
  • Phonics and phonemic awareness is systematically developed
  • Fluency enhances comprehension
  • A variety of text types enable the development of a range of reading strategies
  • Reading and writing is linked
  • Assessment is ongoing to inform instruction.

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