For Hong Kong and Macau customers, we use S.F. Express to deliver your order. 

Hong Kong: 
  • Order below HKD500: we only ship our products by S.F Express.  You will pay S.F Express agent directly when they deliver to your address.  You may opt to pick the parcel up from S.F Express Service Centre/Locker and pay upon a collection.  Alternatively, a collection from our office can be arranged too.   For rates, transit time and other info, please check here
  • Order HKD500 or more: Free of charge by S.F Express or local delivery

Macau:    You will need to pay S.F Express directly when they deliver to your address in Macau OR when you pick the parcel up from S.F Express Service Centre.
Please find more info. from S.F. Express here

The rest of the world:  we don't have sales rights for selected products outside Hong Kong and Macau regions.   If you are located overseas please kindly contact and we will advise you how to purchase the products you are interested and shipping options we can offer.