Key Links Digital

About Key Links:

developed by Jill Eggleton, an International Educational Consultant in Literacy, with a wide variety of teaching experiences spanning over thirty years.  

Key Links Digital incorporates interactive features to foster a child´s love for reading.

Product features: 

  • Suitable for use in classroom or home-based learning
  • Easy-to-operate bookshelf layout, titles are organised by colour and sequence
  • Interactivity and animations enhance the reading experience
  • Narration and vivid speech bubbles reinforce reading expressions
  • Teachers and Parents have an overview of child´s progress
  • Customised and flexible plans and are available for different needs of your classes

Purchasing format:

Annual subscription


Read Online

Available for:

✅ Classes

✅ Schools 

✅ Family

Price: Please contact us for customised plan prices.


Key Links Digital

    Web version is now available and supporting iPad, Android, Windows, Mac OSX and Linux 

    User friendly format

    Audio support with text highlight when read

    Focus Panel can be turned on/off while reading. This provides a classroom to home link to help ensure parents and teachers are ‘on the same page’ if books are taken home.