With each title clearly linked to the science curriculum, WorldWise is a high-interest literacy program that encourages inquiry and questioning while extending knowledge in science and a range of STEM topics linked to the curriculum.

WorldWise teaches reading strategies simultaneously with natural, earth and physical science concepts. Lesson Plans for each text establish a reading focus with explicit links to the science curriculum.

Students will develop strategies and skills to read informative texts across a range of text types while they learn to become informative text writers.

WorldWise features:

  • Links to the science curriculum (natural, physical and earth sciences).
  • Content that will immediately engage students and reflect the diversity of the world students live in.
  • Graphical devices and striking photographs to support the content.
  • Research opportunities with Find out more and Think about boxes.
  • Texts that introduce and revisit themes and concepts across the reading stages, and build on initial concepts with increasing complexity.
  • A variety of text types.
  • Digital support – WorldWise Investigations and Formative Assessment ( online July 2019 )

Guided Reading Level & Reading Recovery Level Correlation Chart

Guided Reading Level (GRL) Reading Recovery Level (RRL)
N 25-26
O 27-28
P 29-30
Q 31
R 32
S 33
T 34
U 35
V 36