Junior Learning: Phonemic Awareness

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Letter Sounds Flashcards (JL211) (Copy)Letter Sounds Flashcards (JL211) (Copy)
Decodable Flashcards (JL211)Decodable Flashcards (JL211)
Rainbow Alphabet and Digraphs (JL601)Rainbow Alphabet and Digraphs (JL601)
Phase 1 Phonemic Awareness Workbook(BB118)Phase 1 Phonemic Awareness Workbook(BB118)
Rainbow Letters and Numbers (JL600)Rainbow Letters and Numbers (JL600)
Short Vowels Dominoes (JL493)Short Vowels Dominoes (JL493)
Rhyming Words Dominoes (JL490)Rhyming Words Dominoes (JL490)
Rhyming Bingo (JL543)Rhyming Bingo (JL543)
Word Family Dominoes (JL480)Word Family Dominoes (JL480)
Blend Tracks (JL252)Blend Tracks (JL252)
Vowel Sound Volcano (JL163)
50 Magnetic Letter Activities (JL352)50 Magnetic Letter Activities (JL352)
6 Phonics Games (JL401)6 Phonics Games (JL401)
Alphabet Arc (JL197)Alphabet Arc (JL197)
Alphabet Zoo Wall Border (JL130)Alphabet Zoo Wall Border (JL130)
Alphabet Bingo (JL542)Alphabet Bingo (JL542)
50 Speaking Activities (JL35)50 Speaking Activities (JL35)
44 Sound Cards (JL269)44 Sound Cards (JL269)
Word Building Flips (JL459)Word Building Flips (JL459)
Blend Wall Border(JL463)Blend Wall Border(JL463)
44 Sound Wall Border(JL466)44 Sound Wall Border(JL466)
Letter Sound Picture Cards (JL471)Letter Sound Picture Cards (JL471)
Phonics Spinners (JL524)Phonics Spinners (JL524)
50 Phonemic Awareness Activities (JL351)50 Phonemic Awareness Activities (JL351)

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