Junior Learning: Speaking & Listening

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Picture Bingo (JL540)Picture Bingo (JL540)
50 Mindfulness Activities (JL360)50 Mindfulness Activities (JL360)
Writing Pop-Up (JL451)Writing Pop-Up (JL451)
Emotions Dominoes (JL498)Emotions Dominoes (JL498)
Story Starter Dice (JL535)Story Starter Dice (JL535)
Picture Bingo (JL540)Picture Bingo (JL540)
50 Speaking Activities (JL351)50 Speaking Activities (JL351)
Say My Name! (JL159)Say My Name! (JL159)
Word Recognition Flashcards (JL201)Word Recognition Flashcards (JL201)
Roll A Tale (JL139)Roll A Tale (JL139)
Speaking Flashcards (JL208)Speaking Flashcards (JL208)
50 Debating Activities (JL358)50 Debating Activities (JL358)
Rainbow Recorders (Set of 4) (JL419)Rainbow Recorders (Set of 4) (JL419)
50 Story Starter Activities (JL354)50 Story Starter Activities (JL354)
Comprehension Flashcards (JL523)Comprehension Flashcards (JL523)
6 Speaking Games (JL407)6 Speaking Games (JL407)
Sequencing Snakes (JL177)Sequencing Snakes (JL177)
44 Sound Cards (JL269)44 Sound Cards (JL269)
Story Starter Flips (JL455)Story Starter Flips (JL455)
44 Sound Wall Border(JL466)44 Sound Wall Border(JL466)
50 Phonemic Awareness Activities (JL351)50 Phonemic Awareness Activities (JL351)
Rainbow Recorders (JL148)Rainbow Recorders (JL148)

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