High Interest Series - Teenage

So: books not quite your 'thing'? Masses of other stuff to do? Don't worry. It's just that you've not been given the right ones yet...

These books are total 'page-turners'. Whether funny or exciting or emotional, they are all about believable people. This isn't Hogwarts: this is the real world. First and foremost, these books are designed to be really enjoyable – high-action, fast-moving stories that have you hooked from the first page then don't let up – or let you down – until you've finished. Basically, they don't muck about: they start off gripping, and keep up with the action until the very last page.

The books have everything from missing kids, Arctic hazards, bullies, mystical horses, hackers, juvenile prison, death-defying crashes, snow disasters, ghosts, divorce, hold-ups, death and honour, street gangs, drugs, intense sport... you name it. So, whatever topic grabs you, there's always something that will fire you.

Pick one up and enjoy the ride...

24 titles in this series