Classics Readers(E-future)

efuture classics readers

e-future Classic Readers is a collection of classic stories carefully retold for English language learners. While each story is written with controlled grammar and vocabulary, it aims to retain most elements from the original story. e-future Classic Readers will entertain and delight students.

Key Features:

  • Exciting and Colourful Stories:
The stories are designed to be fun and engaging allowing students to enjoy the reading process. The stories provide the students with an interesting, age appropriate story with memorable characters, colorful illustrations, exciting adventures, and meaningful learning opportunities.
    • Graded Language: 
    The language is carefully graded so that students at different levels will be able to easily read the story. Stories that are not too easy or too difficult have been show to help motivate students and develop other language skills like vocabulary, writing and grammar. 
      • Dowloadable Audio:
      The Audio tracks provide the student with a way to improve pronunciation and listening fluency. Students can read along with the track and mimic intonation, stress, and rhythm of the story.
        • Complete Library: 
        When combined with e-future Phonics Fun Readers and e-future Graded Comic Readers, students have access to over 250 high-interest stories at a variety of language levels. This provides easy-to-read material for all levels of language learning


          Level CEFR* Headwords Cambridge English: Young Learners
          starter A1 200 Starters
          level1 A1 250 Starters
          level2 A1 350 Starters
          Level3 A1 550 Movers-Flyers
          Level4 A1/A2 800 Movers-Flyers
          Level 5 A2 1000 Movers-Flyers
          Level6 A2 1300 Movers-Flyers

           *CEFR =  Common European Framework of Reference for Languages



          Level CEFR* Headwords Cambridge English: Young Learners
          Level7 A2/B1 1500


          Lev8 B1 1800 Flyers
          Level9 B2 2100 Flyers
          Level10 B2/C1 2400 Flyers
          Level11 C1 2700 Flyers
          Level12 C1 2500-4200 Flyers

           *CEFR =  Common European Framework of Reference for Languages