The Fox and the Goat (Fables & The Real World)

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Publisher: Hameray Publishing
Series: Fables & The Real World
Text Type: Fiction
Guided Reading Level: F
Reading Level: 09
Author: Jeffery L. Williams
Illustrator: Ray Besserdin
ISBN: 9781628175592
Theme fiction book: The Fox and the Goat
Paired with Non Fiction :
  1. Animals Are Clever
  2. Goats on the Go
  3. The Life of a Fox

In this retelling of a traditional tale, Little Goat finds Mr. Fox in a well. Before listening to Mr. Fox explain that he is trapped, Little Goat jumps in and gets trapped along with him. Will Little Goat learn the importance of looking and thinking before acting?

The Fox and the Goat Theme Set 

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