The Duck and the North Wind (Fables & The Real World)

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Publisher: Hameray Publishing
Series: Fables & The Real World
Text Type: Fiction
Guided Reading Level: G
Reading Level: 12
Author: Jeffery L. Williams
Illustrator: Dubravka Kolanovic
ISBN: 9781649412119
Theme fiction book: The Duck and the North Wind
Paired with Non Fiction :
  1. Life in a Frozen Lake
  2. Overcoming Challenges
  3. People and Animals in Winter

The North Wind blows its cold wind and snow so that the world will slow down and rest. But, the hungry Duck cannot afford to stop looking for food and continues despite the North Wind's growing efforts. In the end, the Duck perseveres, and the North Wind comes to admire the Duck's persistence.

The Duck and the North Wind Theme Set 

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