Pixie Tricks #1: Sprite's Secret

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Publisher: Scholastic
Series: Branches - Pixie Tricks
Pages: 96
Format: Paperback - Full Coloured
Author: Tracey West
Illustrated by: Xavier Bonet
Guided Reading Level: 6-8
Reading Recovery Level: O
Lexile: 500L
Text type: Fiction
ISBN: 9781338627787

Fourteen fairies have escaped from their world. Now they're causing trouble in out world! It's up to a girl named Violet and a fairy named Sprite to trick them all and send them back home. Who will they trick next?

Pix is a fairy who loves to play, but his fun can get out of hand. Now Sprite and Violet have to beat Pix at his own game, or he will never go back to the Otherworld!

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