Scott & Witty Wikky: A Young Inventor's Quest

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Publisher:  WS Education
Publication country: Singapore
Author: Perry Gee         Illustrated by: Sparky Animation
Pages:  140
Format:  Paperback(Coloured chapter book)
ISBN:  9789814733069
Description: Inspired by real-life events of a talented 10-year old inventor, this character-building story is packed with humour, educational elements and interesting facts. Scott Sun is a talented young boy who develops inventions to solve real-life problems. His quest for a young inventors' award brings readers on a learning journey about creativity and innovation, patience and having a positive attitude towards school work. Unique to this book is the presence of an animated phablet, Witty Wikky, who engages readers with witty explanations. Kids are also encouraged to write to Wikky and share their views about various issues encountered by them. Wikky's unique way of engaging readers brings much delight.
Imagine, having an invisible friend everywhere you  go, who appears when there's something you need to know....
There is never a dull moment in Scott's primary school.  Find out why as you join Scott in his funny school adventures and quest for the young inventors' award, together with his special friend, Witty Wikky.

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