Red Rocket Fluency Level 4 Fiction C (Level 22): The Car Thief

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Publisher: Flying Start Books
Series: Red Rocket Readers Gold Set C
Text Type: Fiction
Book Band: Gold
Reading Level: 22
Author: Pam Holden
Illustrator Pauline Whimp
Pages: 16
Key Words: beautifully, belong, door, drive, further, night, safe, strange.
ISBN: 9781776851140

"Wild bears are enormous animals with huge appetites. When they are unable to find enough food in their usual habitat, they become bold enough to leave the forest. Driven by hunger, they search desperately near farms, houses and towns for crops or scraps of food. Because this environment is unfamiliar to them, wandering bears can caused danger to themselves and to people. This story is based on true incidents."

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