My First Writing: 3 Workbook(2nd Edition)

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Series: My First Writing
ISBN:  9788956352664
Format: Paperback
Age: Lower Primary

My First Writing is a fun and easy writing series for young EFL beginners. Students will begin to write sentences within a context of fun topics. Interesting characters are used from beginning to end to grasp the students' attention and guide them through the book. Throughout the series, students will expand their vocabulary in meaningful linguistic collocations. Vocabulary is introduced in fun activities using illustrations and real photos. The series will develop and enhance students' sentence building skills in a fun and engaging way leading them to paragraph writing.


  • Familiar and fun writing topics
  • Scaffolded lesson approach
  • Sentence writing with graphic organizers
  • Ready-to-use chunks of vocabulary

Series Strengths

  • Topic-based sentence writing helps learners understand English rhetoric style
  • Relatable, student-centered writing topics that elicit personalized responses

Additional components and resources

  • Student Book(sold separately)
  • Teacher's Manual (sold separately)


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