Key Links Fluency - Turquoise 12-book Set(Levels 17-18)

Key Links Fluency - Turquoise 12-book Set(Levels 17-18)

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Key Links Turquoise - Fluency: 12 books

Reading Recovery Levels: 17-18

- Increases the challenge in the verbal and visual text

- Informs and engages readers

- Continues to focus on building comprehension and oral language strategies and skills

Has a NEW focus on text/genre forms through:

  • Partner Prattle - thinking and talking about text forms
  • Going Solo - using a memorable graphic organizers to gather ideas


  • Making a Choice(Narrative)
  • Adventure in the Desert(Narrative)
  • Saving Pop(Personal Narrative)
  • Dad's Place(Personal Narrative)
  • Race to the Finish(Informational Explanation)
  • Hunting for Treasure(Informational Explanation)
  • The Hoatzin Bird(Informational Explanation)
  • Different Villages(Informational Explanation)
  • World Pictures(Description)
  • The People of Hickory Street(Description)
  • A Sneak Peek Into Dylan's Diary(Diary)
  • Views on the News(Persuasive Argument)

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