Key Links Fluency - Ruby 8-book Set(Levels 27-28)

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Key Links Ruby - Fluency: 11 books

Reading Recovery Levels: 27-28

More explicit links between oral language, reading and writing.

Key Links Guided Reading titles are specifically written to grab the interest and attention of readers, providing them with rich teaching opportunities.  The unique focus panels allow teachers and students to have in-depth discussions around what and how they read.

Comprehension strategies new at this level:

  • Evaluating ideas and information
  • Clarifying not only words but also phrasese
  • Compare and contrast
  • Scan and skim

Guided Reading for developing Fluent Readers.The prompts in the FOCUS PANELS of these 8 fluency reading titles:

  • encourage students to identify and discuss what good readers and writers do
  • dig deeper into comprehension strategies
  • examine each author's craft including using literary devices
  • explore the use of vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure.
At the end of each book, students are actively encouraged to discuss the way the book is written and focus on ways they could improve the quality of their own writing.


      • Team Haircut(Narrative)
      • The Decathlon(Personal Narrative)
      • Uncle Al - Chaperons(Personal Narrative)
      • Crazy Challenges(Informational Explanation)
      • Shadows of the Past(Informational Report)
      • On the Wings of a Bird (Informational Report)
      • Lighting Up the Dark(Description)
      • Between the pages(Description)

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