Key Links Fluency - Purple 12-book Set(Levels 19-20)

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Key Links Purple - Fluency: 12 books

Reading Recovery Levels: 19-20

The Purple titles further extend usage and literacy challenges

Through the FOCUS PANEL students:

  • are introduced to literacy devises such as metaphor and personification
  • are introduced to cause and effect
  • extend their Word Work focus to include discussions of such items as ‘r’ controlled vowels and the possessive apostrophe
  • read more challenging vocabulary • read texts with slightly longer word count


    • Banjo(Narrative)
    • KC Miggins(Narrative)
    • Uncle Al - Surfer(Personal Narrative)
    • Fussy Ferret(Personal Narrative)
    • Inside-out Skeletons(Informational Explanation)
    • Circus Perfomers(Informational Explanation)
    • A Trip to Space Camp(Informational Report)
    • The Call of the Sea(Informational Report)
    • Spotlight on the People(Description)
    • The Hand of Nature(Description)
    • Wildlife Detective(Diary)
    • Kids Speak Out(Persuasive Argument)

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