Journey to the West Chaos in Heaven(Pop! Lit For Kids)

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Publisher:  WS Education
Series: Pop! Lit for Kids
Publication country: Singapore
Author:  Wu Cheng'en                     Retold by:  Low Ying Ping
Pages:  100
Format:  Paperback(Full-coloured) 
ISBN:  9789811233340
Readership: Children 7-10 years old


Are you ready for a journey you'll never forget?

Join Tripitaka, Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie and many other friends on a great adventure! Sun Wukong might be mischievous, but he's fun to be with! Watch as Tripitaka faces a lot of problems and overcomes them, one step at a time. Be inspired by Zhu Bajie, who has a lot of weaknesses and tries very hard to cope with them. So, are you in?


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