I'm a Future Marine Biologist!(I'm a Future Scientist! Set 1)

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Publisher:  World Science Education
Series:  I'm a Future Scientist!
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Format: Paperback(Full-coloured) 
Author:  Manisha Nayak
Illustrator: Eliz Ong
Reading Ages: 6+
Pages:   256
Genre: Non Fiction
ISBN:  9789811252204

Do male seahorses really give birth? Are corals plants or animals? Can sea stars regrow their limbs? Does an octopus have blue blood? Why does a pufferfish puff up? Curious to find out the answers to these questions? Join Sulin the sea star on an exciting journey and learn all marine animals.

The I'm a Future Scientist! series is based on the Science Centre Singapore's longstanding and highly popular Young Scientist badge programme. This exciting series of full-colour books for 6–12 year olds will spark sustained interest in scientific fields, such as botany, zoology, marine biology, conservation and the environment, astronomy, and many more, with delivering primary-school-level Science learning points in an engaging and relatable way! Through clearly written educational articles, fun cartoons, suggested hands-on activities, as well as full-colour photographs and illustrations, these books are the perfect companions for budding scientists to delve further into a wide range of fields of Science. In addition, Augmented Reality (AR) elements will also help to bring Science alive for children, helping them to retain the information provided better, and inspiring better learning! And, as a bonus, earn points for the Young Scientist Badge programme from Science Centre Singapore, using the links inside!


  • Engaging story-telling style
  • Primary-level Science learning points infused
  • Augmented Reality (AR) elements for better retention of information and more inspiring learning!

                  Sample Chapter(s)  Say 'Hello' to Sulin!

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