I Can Change the World ... with the Toss of a Bottle (I’m a Little Scientist Set 3)PB

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Publisher:  World Science Education
Series:  I’m a Little Scientist Set 3
Publication country:


Format: Paperback(Full-coloured) 
Author:  Ronald Chan
Illustrated By: Yeewearn
Reading Ages: 3-8
Pages:   32
Genre: Fiction
ISBN:  9789811257568

Ms Prakash and Mr Sohn were with their class on a field trip when the sharp-eyed Mr Sohn saw a group of teenagers about to toss their bottles in the wrong place. "Don't do it!" Where were the teenagers tossing the bottles and what should they have done? Follow Ms Prakash and Mr Sohn as they teach us how one little action from us could make a huge difference to the sustainability of our world.

Every book in the I Can Change the World... collection contains a creative story that highlights the importance of individual action on environmental sustainability. Through engaging narratives and full-colour illustrations, the I'm a Little Scientist series introduces children to the exciting and ever-advancing world of science.

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