FS Level R:What's the Attraction?

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Publisher: Eleanor Curtain Publishing
Series: Flying Start to Literacy Middle & Upper Primary
Author: Mary-Ann Creasy
Text Type: Non Fiction/Report
Level: R (RRL 27)
ISBN: 9781761073113
Paired Book: Rescue at Blue Canyon
Perspectives Book: Holiday Destinations: Are They Overloved?

What’s the Attraction? reports on vacation and tourist attractions such as resorts, theme parks, natural wonders, and famous cities. It outlines the reasons why people enjoy these different experiences.

Curriculum link:

Science: Earth and space sciences

Key Concepts:

There are different types of vacations that cater for the different needs of tourists.• Some tourists enjoy having everything they need in one place, such as at a resort, a theme park, or on a cruise.• Some tourists enjoy seeing natural attractions, and some enjoy visiting cities.

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