FS Level Q:Behind the Scenes at the Zoo

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Publisher: Eleanor Curtain Publishing
Series: Flying Start to Literacy Middle & Upper Primary
Author: Nancy O'Conner
Text Type: Non Fiction
Level: Q (RRL 26)
ISBN: 9781761073052
Paired Book: So Far From Home
Perspectives Book: Animals in Captivity: The Good and the Bad

Behind the Scenes at the Zoo looks at how zoos are created. Interviews with a zoo nutritionist and a zoo veterinarian provide behind-the-scenes glimpses of the work some people at zoos do.

Curriculum link:

Science: Biological sciences

Key Concepts:

When creating a zoo, experts consider things such as appropriate habitats, safety, and protection of animals Running a zoo requires experts such as nutritionists and vets. Zoos have many functions, including educating visitors and breeding endangered animals.

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