FS Level S:Our Active Earth

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Publisher: Eleanor Curtain Publishing
Series: Flying Start to Literacy Middle & Upper Primary
Author: Matilda May
Text Type: Non Fiction/Report
Level: S (RRL 28)
ISBN: 9781760674939
Paired Book: A New Geyser Erupts
Perspectives Book: Living in Dangerous Places: What Are the Issues?
Key Concepts: Our Active Earth explains how the structure and movement of the Earth causes events such as earthquakes, volcanoes, hot spots and tsunamis

Curriculum link:

Science: Earth and space sciences – changes to the Earth’s surface. Geography: Factors that shape the human and environmental characteristics of a place

Key Concepts:

The Earth is made up of several layers that are constantly moving and changing. The movement of the Earth can cause volcanoes, hot spots, earthquakes and tsunamis, which can have devastating effects on people

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