Discovery Maths Set 2

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Publisher:  World Science Education
Series:  Discovery Maths
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Format: Paperback(Full-coloured) 
Author:  Brandon Oh
Reading Ages: 3-8
Pages:   192
Genre: Fiction
ISBN:  9789811269857

Discover Maths 2: 8 Engaging Stories on Basic Shapes, 3D Shapes, Comparing Quantity and Size, Rational Counting up to 10, Time, Length, Mass & Volume covers eight key mathematical concepts over eight titles. With fun stories, children can enjoy and advance their numeracy at the same time!

Activity sheets and discussion pointers are included in each title to further reinforce your child's learning of mathematical concepts! Additional worksheets can also be found online.

Includes these 8 titles:

  1. Building Blocks
  2. Is Dad Home Yet?
  3. The Straw Bridge
  4. The Trip to the Reservoir
  5. Storm at Sea
  6. The Kingdom of Shapes
  7. Treasure Hunt
  8. Which is Bigger?

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