Did You Hear That? Help for Children Who Hear Voices

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Publisher:  WS Education
Publication country: Singapore
Author: Seetha Subbiah, MA, PsyD        Illustrated by:  Abi Das
Pages:  160
Format:  Paperback(Full-coloured) 
ISBN:  9789813144156
Readership: Children 6-12 years old
Description: Susie is a 9-year-old who keeps her challenges with auditory and visual hallucinations a secret until a teacher alerts her parents of her difficulties at school. With compassion, empathy, love and understanding, Susie's parents encourage her to see a
counselor. Susie builds trust and rapport with her counselor, which finally allows her to share her well-guarded secret. After divulging what has been troubling her for years, with her counselor's help, she discovers that she is not the only one in the world
who struggles with voices. Did You Hear That? is a beautifully illustrated practical therapeutic storybook for psychologists, psychiatrists and mental health practitioners treating children with auditory and visual hallucinations. While it normalizes the
experience and assists children in seeking professional help, it is also an easy to understand and user-friendly guide for concerned parents, teachers, pediatricians and allied health professionals.

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