Decodable Readers Phase 4-Blend Fiction Set 1(JL383)

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Blend readers introduce 38 different adjacent consonants (blends). Text uses only decodable regular words (according to the week by week progression) along with 'tricky words'. Blend readers have a strictly controlled vocabulary that follows the letter-by-letter progression. 

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***Coloured book holders can be purchased separately.

Reading Levels: 3-8
 Includes 12 books
Titles in the pack:
  1. Camp at the Pond
  2. A Nest is Lost
  3. The Bedroom Helper
  4. Frog in a Tree
  5. Blass Off!
  6. Milk in a Glass
  7. Clown Dents a Spoon
  8. Can You See the Stars?
  9. Skunk Smells Bad
  10. Crunch, Munch!
  11. Spring Storms
  12. Gretel and the Grunch



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