Cinderella(Story World Real World)

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Publisher: Hameray Publishing
Series: Story World Real World
Text Type: Fiction
Guided Reading Level: M
Reading Level: 20
Author: Karen Danforth
Illustrator: Steven Pileggi
ISBN: 9781605594729
Theme fiction book: Cinderella
Paired with Non Fiction :
  1. Let's Dance
  2. What's Time?
  3. Why Do We Wear Shoes?

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In this retelling of a classic tale, Cinderella is presented with glass slippers, a gown, and a horse-drawn coach to enjoy a royal ball until midnight. After the clock strikes twelve, Cinderella loses a glass slipper. A prince finds the lost slipper, and he sets off on a journey to find the slipper's rightful owner.

Cinderella Theme Set

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