Anthony Browne 4 Book Set - Willy The Wimp, The Tunnel, Gorilla, Silly Billy

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Publisher: Walker Books
Format: Paperback
Author: Anthony Browne
Illustrated by: Anthony Browne
Text type: Fiction
ISBN: 9789526540900
4 Titles in this set:

Hannah loves gorillas but has never seen one. Her father's too busy to take her to the zoo or for anything else come to that. For her birthday, Hannah asks her father for a gorilla but is disappointed when she discovers that the gorilla she's got is just a toy one. But then something extraordinary happens ... the toy turns into a real gorilla, who puts on her father's hat and coat and takes her off for a magical visit to the zoo...

Silly Billy

Billy is a bit of a worrier. He worries about hats and shoes. He worries about clouds and rain and giant birds. Most of all, he worries about staying at other people's houses. His mum and dad try to help, but still Billy worries...until a visit to his grandma's shows him how to overcome his fears with the aid of his imagination - and some tiny worry dolls.

The Tunnel

Once upon a time there lived a brother and sister who were complete opposites and constantly fought and argued. One day they discovered the tunnel. The boy goes through it at once, dismissing his sister's fears. When he doesn't return his sister has to pluck up the courage to go through the tunnel too. She finds her brother in a mysterious forest where he has been turned to stone...

Willy The Wimp

Willy wouldn’t hurt a fly – he even apologizes when someone hits him. The suburban gorillas call him Willy the Wimp. Then, one day, Willy answers a body-building advert ... with hilarious results! Celebrate 30 years of the classic picture book in this special anniversary edition by multiple-award-winner Anthony Browne.

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