Animal Colorings (Fables & The Real World)

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Publisher: Hameray Publishing
Series: Fables & The Real World
Text Type: Non Fiction
Guided Reading Level: J
Reading Level: 17
Author: Jeffery L. Williams
ISBN: 9781640393387
Paired with Fiction: The Cranes and the Peacock
Theme set other non fiction tittles :
  1. How Do Birds Communicate?
  2. Animal Colorings
  3. Can You See the Sea? Words that Sound Alike

This nonfiction text explores how some animals use their colors to send messages as a warning, while other animals use their colors as camouflage or signals for safety. The bold words, glossary, and index are additional nonfiction text features of this title that students will find helpful.

           The Cranes and the Peacock Theme Set 

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