Adventures with More Natural Wonders (World of Science Set 4)PB

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Publisher:  World Science Education
Series:  World of Science Set 4
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Format: Paperback(Full-coloured) 
Author:  Karen Kwek , Kathy Wong
Reading Ages: 6-12
Pages:   80
Genre: Fiction
ISBN:  9789811262609

Adventures with More Natural Wonders is an immersive encounter with even more breathtaking natural wonders of our world. Where can you find singing sand? What makes the telegraph plant dance? Do Mexican jumping beans really jump? Scale a rocky slope to Pulpit Rock. Be awed by the crystals of Naica Mine. And drift about with millions of jellyfish. From the pink sandy beaches to bubbling mud pools, and from steep cliffs to the depths of the ocean, experience awe-inspiring natural wonders as never before!

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