Will You Fill My Bucket?: Daily Acts of Love Around the World(Hardcover)

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Publisher:Bucket Fillers

Author:McCloud, Carol ; Wells, Karen ; Weber, Penny

"... the book takes us back to the very personal world of the child, powerfully reminding us that the emotional needs of children everywhere are the same. The beautiful and joyful illustrations by Penny Weber gently reinforce the message that we humans are diverse in many ways but our buckets--which represent our need for unconditional love and emotional security--are all the same... the act of filling others' buckets helps to fill our own buckets, is... explored in other books in the Bucket Filling series." --Beverley Paine, blogger on The Educating Parent


A simple question, Will You Fill My Bucket?, is fervently asked by children from twelve different countries. Sweet rhyming prose and vividly captivating illustrations delight the senses and express the deep joy and love we hope for all children. Will You Fill My Bucket? and the responses given will touch the heartstrings of people young and old around the world. Bucket filling, the essence of being loved and loving others, occurs in those little moments in a day when you stop and just listen, cuddle, play, or spend time with a child.


Winner of 16 awards. For more information on bucket filling or free downloadables and resources, please visit bucketfillers101.com.


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