Geraldine Pu and Her Lunch Box, Too!: Ready-to-Read Graphics Level 3

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Publishers: Simon & Schuster
Series: Ready-to-Read Graphics
Published  June 29, 2021
Format: Paperback
Author: Maggie P. Chang 
Illustrator: Maggie P. Chang 
Level: 3
Text Type: Fiction
ISBN: 9781534484689
Meet spunky, funny, and friendly Geraldine Pu as she takes on a bully and makes a new friend in this first book in a new Level 3 Ready-to-Read Graphics series!

Geraldine Pu’s favorite part of school is lunch. She loves her lunch box, which she calls Biandang. She can’t wait to see what her grandmother, Amah, has packed inside it each day. Then one day, Geraldine gets stinky tofu...and an unexpected surprise. What will she do?

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