Welcome to China(Reading Planet KS2-Supernova/Dark Red Band)

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Publisher: Rising Stars UK
Series: Reading Planet Key Stage 2 (Supernova)
Book Band(UK): Dark Red
Reading Recovery Level: 33
Reading Age: 10-11
Author: Tom Bradman 
Illustrated by:
Text type: Non Fiction
ISBN: 9781510454644

China is a country that has enchanted people for thousands of years. It is a country of vast mountain ranges, legendary rivers, arid deserts and icy winters. And with a population of over 1.3 billion people, it is also home to giant pandas, Siberian tigers and dancing (human) dragons! In this guide you will discover many fascinating facts about the culture and history of China, including ...

- How to make noodles by hand, and which province has the spiciest cuisine - The different languages spoken, and how Chinese children learn to read and write- Why the Great Wall of China was built and just how long it actually is- Famous myths and legends, and the significance of dragons and the Jade Emperor- And how rapidly China has modernised, creating several enormous 'megacities'After reading this book, you will want to jump on a plane and visit this incredible country.

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