Reading Planet KS2(Venus/Brown band): Biome Explorer

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Publisher: Rising Stars UK
Series: Reading Planet Key Stage 2 (Venus)
Book Band(UK): Brown
Reading Recovery Level: 28
Author by: Clare Hibbert 
Illustrated by:
Text type: Non Fiction

Geographical guide
ISBN: 9781510452442

"A biome is all the living things in a particular environment, such as a forest or a desert."This is the diary of an explorer as she visits the most interesting biomes on our planet. Join her as she travels through the icy polar regions and high mountains, to tropical grasslands and deep oceans. On the way you will discover ...

the amazing wildlife and how it has adapted to live in the climate of each biome the people that thrive in these often challenging environments 'Eco Success' stories about protecting wildlife in these special places.

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