Reading Planet KS2(Saturn/Blue-Red Band):Project Time

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Publisher: Rising Stars UK
Series: Reading Planet Key Stage 2 (Saturn)
Book Band(UK):
Reading Recovery Level: 32
Reading Age: 10-11
Retold by: Gareth P. Jones 
Illustrated by:
Text type: Fiction
Modern family story
ISBN: 9781510445093

Eva has signed up for loads of after school activities. She wants to be brilliant at all of them, but the pressure of keeping on top of practising, training and reading for everything is a huge challenge. If only she could time travel, she'd easily be able to fit everything in ...The aromatock should be the answer to Eva's problems.

One sniff and this invention transports her back in time so she can squeeze in extra rehearsals and training sessions. But the more she uses it, the more Eva finds herself in danger of meeting herself in all these other time frames. Will coming face to face with a devastating event from her childhood bring the whole experiment to a terrible end?

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