Jez Smedley: Diary of a Football Ninja: Mayhem at the Football Museum(Reading Planet KS2-Jupiter/Dark Blue Book Band)

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Publisher: Rising Stars UK
Series: Reading Planet Key Stage 2 (Jupiter)
Book Band(UK): Dark Blue
Reading Recovery Level: 31
Author: Jem Packer 
Illustrated by:
Text type: Fiction

Humorous family story
ISBN: 9781510444973

To the outside world, the Smedleys look like any other family: Mum, Dad, son, daughter, hamster ... and a grandpa dozing in the corner. Looks can be deceiving, however, because the Smedleys have a secret ...

a very BIG secret. They are actually a daredevil team of crime-solving football ninjas! Jez Smedley and his loyal friends are all collecting Footie Kick cards. It's the latest craze to sweep the nation, but it isn't just the football-mad children who have a full set of cards in their sights ...

Someone is stealing priceless cultural artefacts from museums up and down the country and, coincidentally, the thefts have all occurred in places where Throgmorton United have been playing in the Inter-School National Tournament. Jez's ninja senses are tingling: it looks like there's going to be mayhem at the football museum!

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