Reading Planet KS2(Jupiter):Class of the Titans: The Great Escape

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Publisher: Rising Stars UK
Series: Reading Planet Key Stage 2 (Jupiter)
Book Band(UK):
Reading Recovery Level: 31
Author: Gillian Phillip 
Illustrated by:
Text type: Fiction

Historical fantasy
ISBN: 9781510444911

The Titan children were happily going about their business of being Greek gods and goddesses in training, until they discovered that Grandfather Cronos had hatched a plan to take over the world! Now it's up to them to stop him going to war with their father, Zeus, by using their godly skills and imagination!Cronos has decided to break his terrifying trio of brothers out of Tartarus Jail, despite it being guarded by Cerberus, Hades' three-headed dog. Can Artemis use her hunting skills to round up the criminals and send them back to prison? Or will Hephaestus' astonishing invention save the day? There's only one way to find out. 

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