Hamster Holmes, On the Right Track: Ready-to-Read Level 2

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Publishers: Simon & Schuster
Series: Ready-to-Read
Published February 2, 2016
Format: Paperback
Author: Albin Sadar
Illustrator: Valerio Fabbretti 
Level: 2
Text Type: Fiction
ISBN: 9781481420426
Hamster Holmes and his firefly sidekick, Dr. Watt, find a trail of clues in an inventor’s workshop in this Level 2 Ready-to-Read story perfect for beginning readers!

Hamster Holmes and Dr. Watt are called upon to investigate at the home of their friend, an inventor who thinks someone is trying to steal his ideas! At first, it seems like an open-and-shut case, until they find a new clue: a trail of freshly made footprints that ends suddenly. What kind of animal makes tracks like that? Hamster Holmes and Dr. Watt are on the case, but will they discover the culprit before the inventions are lost forever?

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