Do Not Open!: The Story of Pandora's Box (Ready-to-Read Level 2)

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Publishers: Simon & Schuster 
Series: Ready-to-Read
Published March 4, 2014
Format: Paperback
Author: Joan Holub
Illustrator: Dani Jones 
Level: 2
Text Type: Non Fiction
ISBN: 9781442484979
Learn the story of Pandora’s Box in this beautifully illustrated Level 2 Ready-to-Read retelling of the myth, from Goddess Girls author Joan Holub!

When Pandora receives a shiny, gold box that says “Do Not Open!” she is so curious that she ignores the warning and opens it! Hundreds of bugs are let loose to fill the world with trouble. Pandora feels horrible until she finds something else in the box that can help: a fairy called Hope.

This Ready-to-Read retelling of the story of Pandora’s Box is an ideal introduction to mythology for beginning readers.

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