Collins Big Cat White Plus(Band 10+)Scaredy Kat

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Publisher: Collins
Series: Big Cat
Pages: 48
Format: Paperback
Author: Ali Sparkes
Illustrated by: Chelen Ecija
Book Band(UK): White Plus
Reading Recovery Level: 23-24
Genre/Text type: Fiction
ISBN: 9780008381745

Nobody at Puggle School would ever believe Katy’s phobia. Some of her friends are scared of spiders. Some of them are scared of snakes. But no-one is scared of a kitten! Katy can’t even think about a kitten without breaking out in goose bumps. It would be OK if only her best friend hadn’t invited Katy to come and play after school… and meet Fluffy! How can Katy get over her fear? Will everyone think she’s totally weird if she tells them? Perhaps she’d be surprised by the fears they have if she ever did … This story about overcoming fears is written by Ali Sparkes.

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