Theme: Invention & Adaptation

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Adapted to Survive: Animals that Hide (Paperback)
Buildings Inspired by Nature (Paperback)
Clothing Inspired by Nature (Paperback)
Designing a Shuttle (Grade 4)Designing a Shuttle (Grade 4)
Dragonflies(L12-14): Car Smart
Engage Literacy L30: Tamal's Great Invention
Fantastic Fails:Building Blunders(PB)
Fantastic Fails:Gadget Disasters(PB)
Fantastic Fails:Medical Mishaps(PB)
Fantastic Fails:Transport Breakdowns(PB)
FS Level 22: The Balloon Adventure
FS Level 22: The First Flight
FS Level 30: Marvellous Maddie
Get Inventing! (Paperback)
Helping People See (Grade 3)Helping People See (Grade 3)
Henry Ford (Paperback)

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