Fantails Readers Set 5 - Blue Non-Fiction

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With Blue banded readers, children will be gaining more confidence in reading longer and more varied sentences, managing a greater variety of genre. They will be self-correcting more rapidly, solving new words using their understanding of the text and re-reading to enhance phrasing and clarify meanings. Books within this band have a greater variation in sentence patterns and content; stories will have more events and there will be more lines of text on a page

***Coloured book holders can be purchased separately.

Reading Levels: 9-11
 Includes 8 books
Ages 5+.
Titles in the pack:
  1. Guess Who?
  2. Make a Pizza
  3. City Life
  4. Everyday Superheroes
  5. The Cowboy Code
  6. The Hospital
  7. Earthquakes
  8. Learn About Reptiles



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