Fantails Readers Set 5 - Blue Fiction

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With Blue banded readers, children will be gaining more confidence in reading longer and more varied sentences, managing a greater variety of genre. They will be self-correcting more rapidly, solving new words using their understanding of the text and re-reading to enhance phrasing and clarify meanings. Books within this band have a greater variation in sentence patterns and content; stories will have more events and there will be more lines of text on a page

***Coloured book holders can be purchased separately.

Reading Levels: 9-11
 Includes 8 books
Ages 5+.
Titles in the pack:
  1. Dinner Time
  2. Speed Up!
  3. Where is Daddy?
  4. Dogbot on the Loose
  5. The Littlest General's Bad Mood
  6. Egg on Your Head
  7. The Lion and the Mouse
  8. A Cinderella Story



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