Patch Goes to Hong Kong ( Patch the Jack Russell Terrier's Adventure #2 )

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Anjalique Publications
Anjalique Gupta

Patch, the playful Jack Russell terrier wears a shiny, golden key around his neck. Last time, the key had unlocked an adventure to London but this time the key takes Patch all the way to Hong Kong! Are you ready to join Patch on this exciting adventure in Hong Kong?

'Patch Goes to Hong Kong' is an endearing picture book, perfect for reading aloud, or for little children to read to themselves. The story is engaging, the illustrations are adorable and the most interesting fact about this book is that Patch's adventures are inspired from a true story! Through his first adventure - 'Patch Goes to London', children experienced the city of London through the eyes of an adventurous, loving and naughty Jack Russell Terrier! This time around, Patch's golden key opens the doors to a thrilling adventure in colourful and vibrant Hong Kong.

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