Chilly Goes to Hong Kong and China

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Strategic Book Publishing
Michael Rosenberg
Chilly the intrepid toy polar bear is always getting lost on his travels with his owner Douglas. This time he journeys with Douglas and his family to Hong Kong. Everything is going swimmingly, until Chilly falls from the Star Ferry crossing going from Hong Kong to Kowloon. Luckily he falls into a fishing boat and is carried amongst the smelly, stinky fishy to a Chinese port. There Chilly meets a young Chinese boy who takes him to his home where he is given a bath. Once he's cleaned up, Chilly goes off traveling with his new friend; winding up in the capital city of Beijing. While in Beijing, Chilly hopes to see some real live panda bears, since they're becoming quite rare. To his delight, he does eventually come across some pandas in the zoo, where he discovers that he can even talk to them! It's while he is at the zoo that Chilly comes across his own family and is happily reunited with Douglas. 

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